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The ESP Tester and Trainer
Peter Terezakis

In the early 1970s I had been reading Charles Tart, Joseph Chilton Pearce, and studying psychology at SUNY Oswego.  Kundalini Yoga was my daily practice.

Frustrated and curious about the perceived limits of the mind, I wanted to build a tester-trainer for psychic abilities. The ESPtest was to have been the first in a series of exercise machines for the untapped, un-accessed portions of our minds.

JB and Louisa Rhine had been using a set of symbols developed for their ESP research and testing at Duke University.  Eventually, I tracked down a telephone number for Louisa Rhine, and received permission to use the symbols that she and her husband used in their classic research.

Once the individual became linked to the unit by activating the touch-switch (see the logo?), five symbols would flash: A square, triangle, circle, pair of wavy lines, and a plus symbol. Touching the switch again would cause one symbol to remain visible.

The object of this cybernetic exercise device was to develop a feedback mechanism for the effective training of precognition or psycho-kinesis.  If the entrainment was at all successful, the potential for ushea true step in human evolution would be possible.. 
  A prototype for the shell and the circuit were built and have been lost.


ESPtest - ESP tester and trainer  Peter Terezakis 1974

The expense and frustration of having to find and pay electronic engineers to prototype circuits to animate my ideas, drove me to study Electrical Engineering, influencing the path of the rest of my life.

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