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Terezakis collected works and projects in Art and Technology including Sacred Sky Sacred Earth, Healing Light, Interactive Environments, All the Names of God, and other constructivist works of art and investigation from 1974 to today, including performance, dance, and original music. This site includes secure shopping, books, limited edition prints, music, original and limited series objects, posters, and videos.
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"Heart Beats Light" is an ongoing interdisciplinary exchange project to create site-specific dance performances with unique light installations.  Some past projects have taken place in such locations as the ocean cliff sides of Therassia, Greece, along the Danube River of Bratislava, Slovakia, in Vlad Tepes' castle ruins in Bucharesti, Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania and with dancers from Estonia, Croatia, Romania and America, at the Torrey Pines beach of California.  

US artists Allyson Green, (choreographer) and Peter Terezakis, (visual artist), collaborated with the Olga Zitluhina Dance Company to create the outdoor performances at the sea in Jurmala, which was animated by the cybernetic light sculpture "Heart Beats Light" marking the contours of the landscape.  

Eight-foot fluorescent bulbs frame a setting from twilight into darkness, flashing like fireflies at a pace determined by the heartbeat of a dancer or spectator.   The dancers perform to a sound score created by British composer Alan Stones which incorporates sounds and music from Romania and Greece, as well as a story recorded from Terezakis' grandmother, Artemis Terzis (March 3,1903 (Xora, Samothrace, Greece) - June 20, 2003 (Somers, New York, USA).

Documentation from the "Heart Beats Light" projects, are being edited into a film for further exposure and continuing discussion.

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